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Collaborate with Companies from Dortmund  & Steer Your Way into the German Market.


DOaccelerate is a compact digital program with a condensed runtime of only one week especially for companies from Dortmund and the region.

In order to boost innovation, our mission is to connect established companies in and around Dortmund with first class startups from all over the world.

Or in other words: with you!



Who are we looking for?

If you are a growing startup offering innovative technology solutions with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT or Data Analytics and want to partner with established companies in Germany, DOaccelerate can be your game changer.



Have a look at our website and do not hesitate to send in your application for one of our challenges. 


How does it work?

DOaccelerate procedure


Not yet convinced? 

  • Customer acquisition for start-ups (we make sure to only include real challenges related to a company's daily business work)
  • Access to new attractive markets (Dortmund is the local digital center, serving not only the Ruhr region, but also adjoining Southern Westphalia, where more than 150 world market leaders from the manufacturing sector are based)
  • Intensive development of an exciting network in the region (get in touch with our program partners and players from our regional ecosystem)
  • Short, resource-saving program duration of one week (we want to be fair and of course know that resources are limited)
  • Knowledge transfer (no need to explain that one)
  • Increase of innovative strength through new impulses (e.g., our program does not focus on one single branch)
  • ...

Our participants from the first rounds can tell you more about their personal DOaccelerate journey


Sabrina Heix

Sabrina Heix

Project Manager
T: +49 231 50 2 28 51
Julia Jäger

Julia Jäger

Project Manager
T: 0231 50 2 48 21
Anna-Sophie Bettmann

Anna-Sophie Bettmann (z.Zt. in Elternzeit)

Project Manager (parental leave)
T: 0231 50 24809