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Our Welcome Agency offers an Expat Service Centre.

You as international top executives from the fields of science and business, who wish to settle in Dortmund for the first time, are professionally welcomed and supported both during your preparations and after your arrival in Dortmund with everyday (and more specific) questions.

Through this active welcoming culture, we help you to gain a foothold in Dortmund in an uncomplicated manner and to find your way quickly and directly into existing networks.

We link top talent with local science, business and urban society – individually, committed and, for the most part, free of charge.

As an international executive from business or science, let's work on your personal Dortmund story.

Considering setting up a business or taking a job offer at, for instance, one of our seven universities or 19 scientific institutes? But you want to know more about Dortmund before making a decision? 

Dortmund is a city known for its industrial heritage and triad of coal, steel, and beer. And of course, football plays a great role as well.

But did you know that:

  • Satellite images show that, according to a study by the startup Overstory which is located in the Netherlands and the US, 54% (as of 01/2024) of our city constitutes of urban green space!

  • Dortmund is the first German city that received the European Capital of Innovation Award for its innovation model as a City of Neighbours. Dortmund: Innovation Next Door.

  • Find out more surprising stories in our image book: Amazing Dortmund. One City. Great Opportunities.


Preparing your arrival to Dortmund and seeking support?

We are happy to you guide you on your Dortmund journey by covering topics such as:

  • Visa and Residence: Take a look at Make it in Germany the official website by the Federal Government for qualified professionals.

  • Housing: Advertisements in daily newspapers and weekly papers as well as a large number of online portals offer rental and owner-occupied apartments. Your employer may also be of help. We recommend to take a look at the ­Dortmund Housing Market Report 2023 (however only available in German).

  • Family: Relocating can certainly be tough, particularly for children. Here, you can find information on ChildcareSchool Forms and Registration in Dortmund.


Arrived in and made Dortmund your new home?

Want to get in touch with like-minded people, network and explore Dortmund?

  • Get ­in touch to book your spot in one of our regular guided Welcome Tours (free of charge) or have a look at our calendar to register for a future tour

  • Order your Welcome2Dortmund package including e.g., our Dortmund Guide, our Dortmund image book, and much more (free of charge)

  • Have a look at the City of Dortmund calendar (available in German) to not miss any of our exciting events

  • Make sure to check #visitDORTMUNDbyDORTMUNDtourismus


Useful links:

Make it in Germany, the official website by the Federal Government

Integreat: Digital Integration Platform (select Dortmund and preferred language)

Events - Goethe-Institut German courses in Germany

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