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Dortmund at a glance: A city for life

A decision for Dortmund is much more than a decision for a strong business location. It is a choice for a versatile and dynamic city that combines every advantage for all areas of life. Here, cutting-edge technologies and a skilled workforce characterized by growth and innovation meet an outstandingly high quality of life. Discover Dortmund with all its facets – from professional prospects to an attractive environment for leisure activities and family life.

A location with a spirit of innovation

Dortmund, Germany's ninth-largest city, is considered an important hub in the European economic area thanks to direct connections by road, water, and rail. And it has the character of a capital city: Thanks to the close cooperation between science, business, urban society, and administration, for years it has succeeded in implementing a wide range of social, sustainable, and technology-oriented projects that have also received recognition at EU level. In 2021, Dortmund became the first and so far only German city to be awarded the title of "European Innovation Capital" (iCapital). Under the motto "Innovation next door", Dortmund has proven that the future of a modern and international business location springs from collaborative work from the neighborhood.

  • 602,500 inhabitants, largest city in the Ruhr region
  • Connection to 6 highways, 8 city highways, airport and port
  • Largest canal port in Europe
  • Modern areas for office, trade and retail
  • Trade tax rate of 485 %.
  • 168,500 m² office space turnover 2021
  • Average office rent level at €9.64
  • European Innovation Capital 2021

Strong environment for skilled workers and young professionals

Whether apprenticeship, study, career entry or job change - career prospects in Dortmund begin with the training of young talent, but experienced professionals also have numerous opportunities for their future.

With around 54,700 students, the location is one of the ten largest university cities in Germany. It is also considered a central training centre for IT specialists and is additionally committed to placing young people in apprenticeships with local companies in order to strengthen the neighbourhoods for the future. Dortmund's role as a home for research and innovation is underlined above all by the 19 scientific and high-tech institutions located here, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology and the ISAS (Institute for Analytical Sciences). The close cooperation between business and science significantly drives the development of new technologies on site, creates jobs and makes Dortmund a formative part of the European research landscape.

  • Location for science and high technology
  • 7 universities, 19 scientific institutes
  • 54,700 students
  • IT hotbed Dortmund: 9,772 students, 18,481 employees

Green lung with a lively cultural scene

A fulfilling job is important, a high quality of life the most important. Dortmund has all the prerequisites for affordable living, varied leisure activities and sufficient space for recreation. It is not for nothing that Dortmund was awarded the DEKRA certificate "City with an excellent quality of life". Or would you have thought that the city is one of the greenest in Europe? Wooded areas and centrally located green spaces such as the Westfalenpark or Rombergpark contribute significantly to this. There is even maritime flair in the middle of the Ruhr area: Lake Phoenix, which is larger than the Binnenalster, invites you to take long walks along the shore. In addition, a unique harbour district is being built in the area around the Speicherstraße in the north, which will be a destination for excursions on the water and will offer both gastronomy and a lively cultural scene. The offers also continue in the rest of the city. Westenhellweg is one of the busiest shopping streets in Germany, the opera house and the concert hall enjoy international recognition, and exhibitions and events of international renown attract many visitors to museums, galleries and the Westfalenhalle every year. In addition to all the big-city flair, Dortmund is above all: a vital and pleasant residential environment for every demand and taste.

  • DEKRA certificate: "City with an excellent quality of life".
  • One of the greenest cities in Europe
  • Opera and concert house with an international reputation
  • Lively cultural scene
  • Local recreation areas with maritime flair
  • 323 day-care facilities for children, more than 21,409 places for 0-6 year olds
  • Cost of living and salary: Dortmund in the top 10 in a comparison of the 30 largest German cities
  • Low prices for rent, food and leisure in relation to income