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City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency
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City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency

About Us - City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency - The Service-Provider and Partner to Industry

Encouraging entrepreneurial commitment and developing the city into a modern place to work and live - these are the priority tasks for Dortmund. The Economic Development Agency promotes this development in the short and long term. First and foremost, it is our task to create and secure jobs.

For all its customers, national and international, the Dortmund Economic Development Agency is the central port of call for contact and advice. Its range of services involves support in the following activities:

  • Securing the continued existence and promoting the growth of Dortmund companies,
  • Setting up a company,
  • Relocation from other areas,
  • Finding suitable office and commercial premises,
  • Application for public funds
  • Finding qualified labour

As a moderator and source of inspiration, the Economic Development Agency works together with other players from the sectors of industry, science and politics to shape the future of the new Dortmund. It has three areas of operation: the dortmund-project, the Business Service Center (DLZW) and the Regional human Resources Development.

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