Dortmund überrascht. Dich.
City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency
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City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency


The city on the Hellweg has been through many changes over the centuries and has faced up to the challenges of structural change in the Ruhr Region more successfully than most other cities. And you can really see it... in business, in leisure activities, in the cultural-scene, and in the way people live.

In the 1980s Dortmund had already started to focus on modern key industries and promoted them by founding the TechnologieZentrumDortmund next to the University. Dortmund has made a name for itself as an innovative location for science on a national and international scale: the technologies of tomorrow are being developed here today. The development of university courses and research institutions, the intensive exchange between the universities, research establishments and the highly qualified training for up and coming professionals create great innovative potential for the future-oriented sectors here. Dortmund has taken up the challenge of becoming a center for technology by creating clear concepts.

The City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency, together with its partners in companies, associations and institutions, focuses consistently on innovation and modernization. Intensifying existing networks, targeted use of the research and development skills available here as well as the consistent integration of the established industries and businesses are important requirements for continuing to strengthen the competitiveness of all sectors with the aim of improving the employment market. Securing and strengthening the industrial core are significant requirements for developing the environment for service providers

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